Every wedding is a custom design–we think of your flowers as a work of art and would love for you to think of Project Floral as an artist that you have commissioned for a one-of-a-kind product. Because of the variables in every wedding, we are able to offer a guideline of what to expect and would love to meet with you to give you a more custom estimate for your unique event.

Petite Wedding

Our Petite Weddings begin at $1,000 and focus on intimate details like stunning bouquets and boutonnieres. Need flower crowns for all your bridesmaids? We do that. On a budget but hoping to get the bouquet of your dreams? We do that. With this option, we offer beautiful flowers for your wedding party and additional a-la-carte options for you to pair with any DIY projects. You may choose to have your flowers dropped off on your wedding day, or have them picked up at our studio.

Full-Service Wedding

Our Full-Service Weddings begin at $2,800 and are truly a custom experience. We start with your bouquet and the rest of your wedding party and carefully design flowers that express the personality of your wedding. Most couples spend between $1,000 to $1,500 on personals. Next we dream into your ceremony. Looking for a breathtaking arbor? A unique floral installation? We do that. Most couples spend $500+ on their ceremony. When it comes to planning a party, we think bringing flowers is always a good idea! Depending on your guest-list size and design style, most couples spend $1,000+ on their reception decor.

The best part of booking a full-service event? Our team of talented designers prepare, pack, and deliver flowers to your wedding. We carefully plan what designing happens ahead of time, and what will happen on-site. On the day of your wedding we load all of your flowers, vases, candles, arbors, and decor into our various vehicles and safely deliver them to your wedding. After we unload our vehicles, we come find you and make sure you are in-love with your bouquet. We then spend a few hours making everything look perfect—we place centerpieces, create a stunning backdrop for the ceremony, pin boutonnières, pin grandma’s corsage, adjust last minute details, and cart away all of our boxes and ladders and tools so that it looks like we were never there (except for all the beautiful flowers of course!) Our final step, at the end of the evening is to retrieve all of the vase-ware and pack-out all of our equipment.

Our service fees are custom to your event just like everything else– Most couples find that services are 10% to 20% of their overall floral budget.

There are countless hours involved in creating beautiful event floral and we believe that the most priceless service we offer is ourselves in creating an experience that is stress-free for you on the best day of your life. We look forward to planning with you.