Exploring Floral artistry With Arthur Williams

This Spring the Project Floral Team spent some time investing in our artistry– we wanted to test the limits of floral design + fashion, so we reached out to our uber-famous floral design crush Arthur Williams with Babylon Floral and asked if he would be willing to take our team through a private design class at his studio.

Arthur owns a local flower shop, called Babylon Floral. He also speaks and designs at worldwide conventions and recently held an artist-in-residency at The Denver Art Museum— he’s a pretty big deal, so we were stoked when he said that he would love to have us take a class with him!
With Arthur’s guidance and collaboration, we created designs that were jewelry-inspired including wearable corsages, necklaces, and head-pieces. We collaborated with the beautiful Lauren Schwanke @laurenashliie as our model and AK Studio AK Studio for amazing hair and makeup. Check out these insanely delicious images captured by Amy Hulst (follow her on Instagram at @ames&liza).
We had such a blast with Arthur designing and are thrilled to announce an upcoming opportunity to collaborate at the Denver Art Museum! On September 28th we are participating in ENTITLED!
Come to the museum and purchase a general admission between 6 pm-10 pm and see Project Floral in action as we design in front of an audience within the walls of the museum!

Made Possible Thanks to

Special Guest: Arthur Williams of Babylon Floral /// Photography: Amy Hurst (@ames&liza) /// Model: Lauren Schwanke (@laurenashliie) /// Hair & Makeup: AK Studio